ZScalar 1.4.3 version got crashed suddenly and not able to open the app thereafter

In my Windows 10 Pro home PC, I installed ZScalar 1.4.3 version and it has been working till 04-Nov-2020 and suddenly got crashed (I suspect a windows 10 update might occur on that day) and not able to open thereafter. When i try to open it the mouse pointer becomes busy for hours and the app is not opening.

I uninstalled the Zscalar version and re-installed many times but the issue persists. I disables windows firewall and uninstalled antivirus programs but could not solve the issue.
I need help to fix the issue. Thanks.

Zscaler is now running on 2.1 and 2.2 versions. I would suggest updating. There’s been many fixes between 1.4 and now.