Zscaler Academy World Tour 2019

(Kevin Lee) #1

Zscaler Academy is bringing free one-day training and expert-led sessions to cities around the world.
Come to Zscaler Academy to develop the skills and knowledge you need to take your organization securely to the cloud. Learn about the challenges and risks introduced by cloud and mobility, and discover how to address them through the transformation of network and security architectures. Don’t get left behind!
Register at https://info.zscaler.com/z-academy-worldtour#

(Ramesh M) #2

Hi Kevin,
Good initiative,
Is there any chance to conduct these training session in India or Singapore?

Ramesh M

(Guru Chandrasekhar Bapuji Movva) #3

Nice Program, is there any schedule planning in Hyderabad, India?

Guru Chandrasekhar M

(Kevin Lee) #4

Hi Guru,

Thank you for your interest in Zscaler. The Zscaler Academy World Tour is starting out in the US and EMEA. Plans have not been finalized yet for which cities in Asia we will stop at with the exception of Tokyo. Stay tuned.


(Omar ) #5

Hi Kevin,

It looks like it is a one day session and we can only choose one path?

Is there a plan to visit the MENA region?