Zscaler and Monterey (OS12 for the Mac)

Does anyone know if Zscaler works with Monterey, Apple’s latest operating system (OS 12)? Or any other Zscaler version?

I don’t know about 3.2.17, but i am running on Monterey.

Same here. In my case I am using for Mac and it break wifi connection even if sso login was successful. So I have to another way. I don’t know where is latest version of zscaler client.
I try to find on internet but I couldn’t.

I read somthing on some web pages that zscaler.Inc just making mobile app.
(So, I don’t know who make version of pc and Mac.)

So, I’m using anyconnect now. (I was lucky why I can take another choice.)
If you can use another way like anyconnect, it will be better.

P.S : I upgraded my windows PC from windows 10 to 11 last night, zscaler starting to not work today morning. It is similar with mac OS.

Works in my environment — using SSO - SAML auth - the new client works like a champ – what are you seeing - issue with the MDM / Domain policies applying / Auth issues / SSL cert store problem - Safari fine - Chrome / Firefox not ?