Zscaler and Office 365


(Nils Ullmann) #1

Office 365 is one of the few apps that has made a solid translation from the enterprise data center to the cloud. Doing so however has brought new challenges that were not present when these apps lived in the data center. With Exchange moved the cloud all of your mail (and attachments) will now cross your WAN links. Long lived sessions on your on your firewall can exhaust its recourses. Running this over your branch MPLS network can be expensive as well.

Faced with this most organizations look to enable direct-to-internet connections. Security architects obviously want to ensure that the organization is protected. A firewall at each of your branches though is expensive to acquire and maintain, so what’s the solution?

With Zscaler we can protect your local branches using our security cloud. In many of our data centers we have direct peering with Microsoft, and our one-click configuration takes care of the heavy lifting of maintaining access lists as their service often changes IPs and domains.

We also provide additional tools to help manage your traffic, such as bandwidth control, and the ability to inspect SSL/TLS at scale.

In this introductory video I’ll discuss where we are and where we are going as enterprises transform to take advantage of the cloud.