zScaler Android Flip Blacklist


We are configuring zScaler mobile application into our Intune tenant. We are having great problems with SSL on most apps (including the intune app itself).

Our devices are fully managed, so all traffic either goes through the browser (Chrome for Android) or the approved applications.

Is it possible for us to whitelist all apps to bypass SSL inspection apart from those coming from Chrome?

Seperately, I have attempted to follow the deployment guide on the zScaler website, but the section to enable/disable SSL inspection for Android is missing (what is in the screenshot attached isnt there).

any help would be appreciated :slight_smile: thanks


SSL Inspection got an overhaul with the release of 6.1.

Under Policy/SSL Inspection
You can create policies that Inspect or Do not Inspect based on various criteria.
You can create a policy that does not inspect anything coming from
Device OS Type: Android
CONNECT User-Agent: Chrome

If there are destinations (URL’s) that you want to whitelist, then create a custom URL category and create an SSL Inspection rule with that category (Inspect or Do not Inspect).

I hope this helps,


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