Zscaler App and setting sublocation


Question about location settings on ZIA.
We are trying to configure connection using the ZApp and apply policies based on location.
We have a lot of branch offices under one Global IP and want to configure polices according to segments under it, meaning that we want to set policies based on private IP.
Is this possible?
I know we can do this with GRE, but we have to do this with ZApp only.

No options except GRE and sub location.
But you can create and map user groups for each branch and provide user group based policies.


thanks! i see… that’s the only way.

also, is this the same for exempting user authentication?
you can only do that with GRE if you want to exempt users with private ip?

Yes, you can exempt user authentication and apply policies only if traffic coming from private sub net through GRE or IPSEC.