Zscaler app install failure during OSD w/MDT

We are having issues when installing the Zscaler App during operating system deployment using the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit.

Sometimes Zscaler will hang for anywhere from 10-50 minutes and then the reinstall will restart and fail with exit code 2 - file not found - as if the network share where the install media are located is inaccessible.

We’re installing Windows 10 1909 and MDT is version 8456. Zscaler is v1.5.1.8. We wrap the installer in a Winbatch executable. Log files show the executable being run from a network share but nothing more until the install starts again and dies with exit code 2.

It deploys fine via SCCM as an application outside of the OSD process.

Anyone else run into installing it during OSD?


I also want to ask - does the install generate a log file by default? Where would that be located? If not, is there any way to have one generated?


Hi John!

I’ve not really come across this. I’m curious about when you say location not found, could it be potentially that Z App is activating and trying to tunnel the traffic, which is then not reachable so fails to continue? Though, because it’s a single package, I would think this would be irrelevant because it should completely install before any changes happened.

If the installation fails, there’s no C:\ProgramData\Zscaler folder, so there’s no Z App specific logs there, but have you looked into the Windows setupapi.dev.log file to see what happened?