Zscaler App on servers?

Is there any plan from Zscaler to make available Zscaler App on servers?

Hi @sdorckel and welcome to the community! Can you expand a little bit on your use case? A couple of other things you might want to take a look at:

Zscaler B2B solution - https://www.zscaler.com/products/zscaler-b2b-service

Let’s imagine for the moment you don’t grant internet access to all your individual servers with local internet breakout but you had some regional proxies on-premise used for this purpose.

For sure there is the possibility on each server to configure PAC file entry but it would require also more management time to maintain firewall rules for each request on modules in front of servers. Knowing that Zscaler app exists, we could take its opportunity to use it in Ztunnel 2 for application that are not proxy-aware and would need to access the internet, and on firewalls in front of servers, simply allow all servers to reach PAC file and enforcement nodes without any major security concern.

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Hi @sdorckel, we have a few methogns available and planned when it comes to protecting server workloads. Today most customers tunnel from a SDWAN/Router/Firewall device at the branch, this can be inline-transparent so there’s no need to servers/apps to be proxy aware.

Zscaler App running as a server Service is something that’s been considered, feel free to DM me your org info and we can add you to the tracker. @dcreedy may have some more thoughts on tis too.

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