Zscaler App - Password protecting for "Exit" ZAPP

We have an issue where our clients are able to “Exit” the ZAPP from both MacOS and Win10. Is there a way that we can password protect when they try to “Exit” ZAPP?

I would have assume that exiting ZAPP is like “Logout”, but instead the same password that allow the ability to “Turn-Off” ZIA is the same password that control “Exit” ZAPP. We have a need to allow our users the ability to turn-off and turn-on ZIA due to ZIA issue flapping between Tunnel-2 reverting to backTunnel-1. We have a timer set that will enable ZIA back after 15 minutes. But “Exit” the app, will both exit ZIA and ZPA and it does not re-enable ZAPP back again. You have to manually open ZAPP and login again. This is a big security risk as we have seen users will not log back in to ZAPP.

Screen Shot 2020-06-30 at 10.48.35 AM


Exit and Disable are currently the same password. There is an enhancement we are tracking to separate these into two different passwords, but today these are tied together. I can update this thread when this is available.



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