Zscaler - Browser WDAG

In our environment we are using Microsoft WDAG as browser which is like a container for secure browsing.
Would like to understand whether Zscaler will be able to identify whether the request is from WDAG browser like it can understand if the browser type is IE11, FF & Chrome

Any inputs regarding the above

Hi Rajeev,

Browser control identifies browser types using the user agent string. If the WDAG user agent string is the same as a released version of IE/Edge, it will not be different and Zscaler will not detect it as different. (Nor would anyone else.) If the user agent string is different, then we will see it (and should log that) but will not act on that for the purposes of browser control as it is not a known user agent.

If you need controls with respect to the particular browser type, please work with your local Zscaler sales/support team to open an enhancement request.