Zscaler Certified Cloud Administrator - Internet Access (ZCCA-IA)


I want to take up Zscaler Certified Cloud Administrator - Internet Access (ZCCA-IA) online training.

How can I register as a normal user and take up the Online training.

Pls advise.


Hi Sunil,

Welcome to the Community!

Unfortunately, at this time we can only sell training credits to existing partners and customers of Zscaler. We are still working on enabling credit card purchases on our website.

The hang up has been dealing with taxes. Currently, all Zscaler sales are done through our channel partners, and they take care of all applicable taxes. Since we are going to be selling training credits directly, we’re having to set up all the systems to collect and remit the applicable taxes. This is taking longer than I thought.

We will get there! I appreciate everyone’s patience as we work through this.


Hi, how are you!

Is there any free training credits to Zscaler customers or who should we contact for the price for the customer’s of Zscaler.


Hi Balaji,

Training credits are not free, but many customers have training credits included in their purchase of Zscaler products. If you want to e-mail training@zscaler.com from your work address we can check if you have credits available. We can also direct you to your Zscaler salesperson who can help you purchase.