Zscaler Client Connector and unsecured WLANs

Hello folks,

I was just wondering about usage of open/unsecured WLANs (sigh!) e.g. at public places like Internet Cafes or Airports. Usually a traditional VPN approach here was some kind of “basic assurance” to make things kind of secure.
Now, as far as I know Ztunnel 1.0 does not encrpyt/encapsulate traffic and therefore general staying away from public unsecured WiFi is a good idea (which is ALWAYS a good idea, I know). But as Dan stated here with Ztunnel 2.0 all traffic will be encapsulated in DTLS/TLS. So - beside other security reservations on unsecured WiFis - enforcing Ztunnel 2.0 seems like a no-brainer. Or did I miss anything here?