Zscaler Client connector app - SSL inspection on Android causing issues still

When SSL inspection is enabled for Android it breaks most apps on the Android mobile device, due to most Android apps having their certificates pinned within them.
We cannot turn off SSL inspection because that would leave a security hole within our Android/Windows devices. We have been advised that we would need to list down all the url’s/domains that our apps connect to so that SSL inspection is by-passed against these. This would be a laborious process for around 200 apps, and would also introduce an administration burden for ongoing maintenance when we add new apps or when existing apps change their url’s/domains (of which we would not know when this would happen).
From another thread back in 2020 you advised that “in upcoming release we will allow you to SSL bypass applications/domains/URL categories based on the device OS type from which the traffic is originating. That would help you workaround the android/chrome OS certificate pinning challenge, while ensuring security and visibility for browser based access on Windows”.
Please can you provide an update on this, this is important for us.

You can achieve what you want using:

  • For Bypass Traffic for Specific Applications :

Enter the identifier of any Android application to configure a bypass for it. You can find the identifier after the id parameter in the URL of the app’s Google Play details page. For example, Zscaler Client Connector’s identifier is zscaler.com.zscaler.

Check : Configuring Zscaler Client Connector Profiles | Zscaler

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