Zscaler Client Connector App version logged off automatically

Hello team,

There are 5 computers where Zscaler Client Connector is logged of automatically. Hence Internet does not work.
Account used to login in the Windows 10 64 bit computers is Automation Account. Internet works till the account is logged in to Zscaler Client Connector. Not sure when does the Logoff happens.

How to check why the zscaler is logged of automatically

Please help

Hi, there are chances if any changes in hardware. I used see this behavior when one the end user changes his battery,

You can see this in logs , C:\PRogramdata\zscaler. I don’t remember the filename.

Hello Mani,

Thanks for the information. I can see the below logs under C:\ProgramData\Zscaler


Which one to refer to check the log off of Zscaler application

Why don’t you export the logs from the Zscaler Client connector and look at them? Better first change the logging mode to Debug and enable “Show notifications in the system tray” and then look at the logs. Except what @ramesh.mani1 said also for the ZPA check your Timeout Policy About Timeout Policy | Zscaler