Zscaler Client Connector Script to log out end user

Is there a script method to possibly log out a user from zscaler. I have some end users who tend to forget to log out of zscaler.

Hi, I am not familiar with a method to do this, but do you mind if I ask the use case here? With ZIA, I assume this is a shared kiosk type situation and instead of a generic account for the device, you are using the individual user’s credentials and want the last person using the kiosk to logout. With ZPA, I can see a more valid use case, but ZPA is designed to be a zero-trust.

You might also consider a smaller re-auth timeout period so after a certain amount of time the previously entered credentials expire and the next user would be forced to login with their credentials.

Let me know if I’ve hit on the required use case or not.


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, “always-on” solution that wouldn’t fit the kiosk use case very well in the first place.