Zscaler Client Connector - ZIA not connecting after PC wakes up from sleep/hibernate

ZIA does not connect after workstations come back up after sleep/hibernate. This happens usually in the morning, and sometimes when users unplug their laptops and move somewhere.

We know this because we are using Azure AD conditional access policy to only allow Microsoft 365 logins if the client IP belongs to any Zscaler Cloud IP, meaning ZCC has to be running and ZIA connected before the login is allowed.

If you check the ZCC UI, ZIA will say “connection error”. Sometimes, it gets stuck on “connecting”.
Checking ip.zscaler.com will tell you that you are indeed offline from Zscaler Cloud.
Support said it has something to do with the network adapter being one of the last components to “wake up”.

This has happened to all our users at some point over the last year. The remedy is always to restart zscaler services (via ZCC) but it’s a bit inconvenient to figure out from an end-user’s perspective. It has also given a bad rep for Zscaler, since it’s always the same app causing issues during critical times of the day.

I’ve reported this issue several times to Support, sad to say I have not received any good answers. I only found out earlier this year that this is apparently a “bug” since version 3.6, maybe even earlier, when I decided to review the ZCC changelogs.

On one of my tickets to Support, I was told that this bug has been fixed in After upgrading, I noticed the bug is still happening (less frequently now, to be fair with R&D).

The good news is that ZCC can now correct itself after approximately 15 minutes without any user intervention.
the not so good news is that ZIA will actually say “connected” and ip.zscaler.com also says yes. But I know the issue is still happening just by checking the Microsoft 365 sign-in logs, as well as good old whatismyip. Kinda sneaky to be honest, Zscaler.

I’m giving this forum a try, hoping to be able to share more sensible thoughts.
Anyone else encountered this issue before or still facing it now?

Try to disable wi-fi energy saving mode, check if the issue happen with cable, I’ve seen issue before…

Also, you can also reduce the fail-open time at Client Portal.

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Hi Miguel,

Thanks for your input. I’ve disabled wifi energy saving mode, I hope this is it. I’ll give an update after a few days.
Our fail-open time is already at a reasonable 10 minutes.

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could also be caused by older network drivers, so better check that you have the most recent ones for your chipset installed.
Seen some pretty wild+odd issues on machines with up2date ZCC but old nic drivers - pretty much all of them are self-healing as soon as you have the most recent ones installed.

Network drivers are up to date, same as chipset drivers. And yes, seems like ZCC is self-healing now with 3.7.1.x.

It’s been 6 days since I disabled wifi energy saving mode, had to do it via command line. I’ve had zero login failures since then. Things are looking good.

But, last week I also switched from tunnel v2 to v1 as suggested by Support. My mistake for trying both things at once. I’ll switch back to v2 and test further.

Hi Thomas,
Always helping other as usual .
Hope you are doing well :slight_smile: let’s get in touch … take care . Miguel

Is there a fix for MacOS running ZCC? We are seeing the same issue on MacOS.