ZScaler Cloud Connector - throughput and horizontal scaling

Hello All,

I am looking through the Deployment Architecture for CC here and there are a couple of questions I am struggling to answer - so looking at a wider community for some assistance :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

  • CloudConnector’s performance is limited to 400Mb, as mentioned by ZScaler: does it mean 400Gbps in total or only for inspected traffic. Will bypassed traffic also bound by this 400Mbps ceiling?
  • Is there a ZScaler-approved (=reference architecture) way to scale solution beyond that number (auto-scaling with GLB, etc)? I could not find any - document mentions that one can ‘scale with load-balancing’ without detailing it. Does CC support GENEVE protocol to be used with GWLB? If not, what is the exact supported scheme for horizontal scaling?

All in all, I am concerned about CC being a bottleneck for non-inspected traffic (and inspected also) in a large multi-account/multi-VPC deployment with a requirement to provide egress inspection for all internet-bound web-traffic AND with a requirement to bypass certain traffic classes from inspection.

Thank you!

Hello! Cloud Connector can take advantage of GWLB for scalability to meet your specific throughput needs. Please see the following Help article documenting several automation scripts within AWS/Azure/etc using cloud specific methods(AWS CloudFormation) or Terraform.

Thanks a lot Warren - I missed that scripting page!

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