Zscaler compatibility with Geneays voice solution


We have zacaler installed on end user system at our contact server. We are planning to deploy geneays voice solution. Genesys voice solution works based on Voip, SIP and RTP protocol.

Is Zscaler compatible with geneays?

There are LOTS of ip addresses you need to allow in the policy if you are using the firewall product or Tunnel 2.0 but it works.

I would say “it depends”. For various test and dev reasons we use Genesys Solutions “behind” ZPA. And with ZPA we never got SIP/RTP working for obvious reasons (SIP Ringing…). We ended up using a dedicated VPN for that. See also SIP Server behind ZPA and Softphones via ZCC


Is there a plan to have Cloud App definition with ZIA for Genesys app given the footprint of the product on the market for cloud-based call centers?

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