Zscaler Data Protection


(Thomas Quinlan) #1

The challenge of protecting data in a cloud-first world can be a complicated and costly affair if we try to use the traditional tools.

Those limited outbound gateways and stack of appliances can’t keep up with increasing SSL / TLS adoption, mobile users, and cloud apps. You can’t put a full stack gateway at each branch, so you backhaul over expensive connections. Your user’s application experience is poor, reducing their productivity, and security is tough to enforce when users aren’t on the network.

The days where we all worked at a central location and our data lived at our own data center are over. We’ve adopted new services ease the pain of updating and maintaining applications, it’s time to do the same for our network and security architectures.

To architect for a cloud-first world, we are going to design network and security solutions that solve:

  • SSL / TLS at scale
  • Provide file type controls
  • Can handle cloud applications
  • Monitor our data with Data Loss Prevention (DLP) tools

In this video I’ll introduce you to how Zscaler technology, architected for the cloud, can improve your security and user satisfaction while reducing your costs and management overhead.