Zscaler Digital Experience (ZDX) Monitoring Best Practices Series

Zscaler Digital Experience (ZDX) Monitoring Best Practices Series
Virtual event: Integrating with ZDX’s Digital Experience Insights using APIs

In this session, learn about newly introduced public APIs in ZDX, including outbound APIs to integrate ZDX telemetry with observability processes and platforms. You’ll hear directly from a product expert on our deep API integration with ServiceNow for automating ITSM processes.

Highlights of this event include:

  • Setting up and configuring ZDX API endpoints to gain visibility
  • Verifying your APIs are returning the correct data
  • Leveraging existing AIOps solutions with ZDX

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Event date:

  • Thursday, July 14 | 8:00 – 9:00 AM PT

Background on APIs:

What is an API?

API is an acronym for application programming interface, which enables two applications to communicate. For example, when you leverage an app on your mobile device, it typically calls an API to send or receive information. So, the next time you look at the weather app on your phone, know that it’s leveraging APIs in the background.

Why use an API?

APIs are useful for IT teams to automate simple processes, gain a deeper understanding of an IT environment, or provide application integration.

Can I use popular tools to leverage APIs?

Yes, you can! Popular tools such as Postman allow you to build and use APIs. Below is an example of Postman connecting to the ZDX APIs.

Postman connecting to ZDX APIs


Thank you for giving us valuable info about these topics. I am looking for this information and will remind myself.


Do you have ZDX operational guide for UC especially MS Teams Call Quality. I’m not sure how to start checking when user reported Teams video/call are dropping. Sometime we see ZDX and MOS score are good but still user complaining Teams experience bad.


Hi Zul,

Thanks for reaching out. Have you seen these resources?


Is there any upcoming events available for ZDX?
Any ZDX training available at zscaler.myabsorb.com ?

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Hi @rohit_goyal We are ZScaler Fed customer. We’ve been testing ZDX with our Citrix environment and ZCC keeps crashing our Citrix session hosts. Do you have any guidelines to use ZDX with ZCC in Citrix?

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Is Configuring Microsoft Teams Call Quality for ZDX | Zscaler.
for MS Teams for Government or commercial only?
Teams for Government - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Learn