Zscaler Disconnecting Daily at a Specific Time

Dear Support Team, I use Zscaler Client Connector to login to our company’s system while working remotely. I daily face this weird issue that around 4-4:30 PM my local time I get disconnected. I’d need to log out of Client Connector and do the authentication process again to connect. However the connection keeps being instable (i.e. frequent disconnections). I’m not sure what is causes this around this specific timeframe. The application version is I appreciate if someone could help. Happy tp provide necessary logs and information if needed.

Many thanks

Do you have a Timeout Policy set?

Thanks for the reply. No, I don’t believe so. The systems shall be accessible 24/7

Go to administration - timeout policies and see any timeout policy configured…

might also be worth to check the DHCP lease time in your network; maybe it is set to 24 hours?