Zscaler DLP and Forcepoint DLP


We are working with a Prospect who is interested in DLP, and they also use ForcePoint DLP on the endpoint. They are asking whether there is a way to integrate Zscaler and Forcepoint DLP rules, maybe through the use of API. Do we support that?

Their exact wording for this request is:

We have a solution in place for End point protection, based on Forcepoint. We would like to implement the same DLP rules on Forcepoint as for Zscaler. Is there a way to combine this (e.g. API integration or possibility to export the Zscaler policy rules)?


Today, customers will have to create DLP policies using Zscaler Admin UI.


Looks like Forcepoint supports ICAP integration (assuming we’re talking the rebranded websense offering) so yes, Zscaler can integrate with it. You’ll need to quote an additional ICAP license for the integration by memory.

The ruleset would need to be defined in Forcepoint, with Zscaler leveraging them via an ICAP connection.



If the requirement is to just sync the DLP policies As Pooja said we don’t have any API with Forcepoint Triton console to sync the DLP policies as their policy framework is different than ours.

If the requirement is to integrate with FPT over ICAP for the Incident management and workflow, FPT uses a component called Protector which will receive the ICAP traffic and send to their Triton Management console.

It is recommended to enable Secure ICAP to communicate between our cloud and FPT DLP server. FPT protector doesn’t support the ICAPs by default for this customer needs to install a small component that receives the secure ICAP traffic.

I also see that they are using FPT Endpoint DLP, they would also need to enable web DLP to receive the ICAP packets and process.

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