ZScaler FedRamp certification for ZIA and ZPA

(Alex) #1

Does ZScaler have FedRamp certification?

(Stephen Kovac) #2

Zscaler is “in Process” for our FedRAMP certification. We are far along in the process. ZPA is in the hands of our 3PAO for audit and ZIA will be sent to our 3PAO in April.

You can see this information on www.fedramp.gov.

(Alex) #3

Thank you for the feedback. What is state for ZIA for FedRamp certification as it’s not listed with FedRamp?

(Pablo Smiraglia) #4


please see https://marketplace.fedramp.gov/#/products?status=In%20Process&sort=productName

Both ZIA and ZPA are in process.


Pablo Smiraglia