Zscaler Folder not accessible after ZCC Upgrade

After upgrading to ZCC version, I am unable to access Zscaler Folder in my local machine under Program Data. It gives a permission error. Nothing has changed from client side.
It works with the old version 3.6.x.x.
Any idea on the fix for this?

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This was an enhancement added in version 3.8, to prevent other users and services on the machine accessing sensitive log data. These can be accessed if you have local administrator privileges.

If a user level account needs access, they can export the logs from the Client Connector system tray icon to get a zip file, or use Report an issue to get the logs sent to support.

Generally, doing the export / report an issue is preferred to accessing the folder locally, as it contains more logging data for troubleshooting (such as the AppInfo file, which isn’t available from the folder itself).