Zscaler Incident Notification Model

Hello, Community

Incident is huge thing, you will always accompanied by some unexpected tragedies.

As a support engineer, I am on the board of tragedies.

However for it is the age of information and internet now,
Tragedies may be avoided with Instant information.
Juliet will send direct message to Romeo by Twitter, or Wechat, or anything other.

I looked through the Zscaler e-lerning lesson student guide and found the article, quote.

Notification Type : RCA
Frequency : once within 2 business days of incident close

Ref : “ZCTA-PA_Zscaler-Support-Engagement_StudentGuide_Jan19-v1.0”, p. 23

It seems unrealistic statement, for in reality it cannot be issued within 2 business days.
However if it is real, we can avoid secondary disaster caused by delayed explanation to customers.

But E-learning module has some out-of-date information, like Support Ticket section (Zscaler has already lost thermometer face on e-mail)
Hence I guessed it is also out-of-date info, then searched up-to-date one, but found nothing.

Is this model statement still valid now, 26th July 2020?
If not, could someone share the newest model?