ZScaler Integration with Duo beyond

(Alex) #1

Does ZScaler have an ER for this integration?

(David Creedy) #2


We don’t currently have this tracked. I’ll raise this as a request. Do you have some example use cases you’d like to cover?

(Alex) #3

For ZScaler app does it use web browser on the backend with authentication? The reason I’m asking is Duosecurity will be checking the presence of the DuoBeyond cert to verify if a device trusted or not.
It’s news there is an option with ZScaler app to upload a custom cert. just not sure if it would work in combination with DuoSecurity. Thanks,

(David Creedy) #4

We use a native web-view to load the IDP authentication page. So if this page when loaded in the native browser on the device will challenge for the certificate, then in theory this flow should work. This would need to happen on the initial enrollment against the IDP however.