ZScaler IOC’s feed via API

(Alex) #1

We are trying to feed a list of IOC’s into ZScaler via API by using Workato. Would ZScaler consider creating Workato connector on Workato market place?

(Lidor Pergament) #2

Hi Alex,

Hope you’re well. We don’t have an integration in place with Workato. If you are a Workato customer, please reach out to your account team to ask to build a connect to our APIs. We’ll be glad to support them in the dev process. As an alternative, we already have integrations with Anomali ThreatStream, Phantom, Demisto (unofficial) and Swimlane (unofficial), which may help you achieve the same goal.


(Alex) #3

Hi Lidor,
Thank you for replying. Could you share integration notes for Demisto?

(Lidor Pergament) #4

Please check out Demisto’s website or github to find more info about the integration. It’s not validated yet from Zscaler side, but we have several customers using it.