Zscaler Machine Based Tunnels and SCCM Remote Control

With the Zscaler machine based tunnels would the SCCM Remote Control client be allowed? I know it wasn’t supported in the past and just wondering if that has changed.

Hello Kevin and welcome to the ZCC community! I will allow others to provide feedback as well, but I don’t think anything has changed. MTs are just for the user to auth to their domain prior to user logging into ZCC. BUT, I may be wrong and there may have been some MT developments that I am not aware of.


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No it is not (we’re just about to rollout ZPA and ZS Prof. Services told us that there is no way today to get SCCM-RC working)

What is possible would be ZPA Remote Assistance … but that one only works when both supporter and supportee have ZPA active.
If say eg the supporter is working on prem in trusted network with ZPA off but the supportee is connected via ZPA - bad luck.
(and yes, strictly speaking this is no full ZTNA setup)