ZScaler Mobility Manager integration with Okta MDM

(Alex) #1

We use Okta SSO with device trust feature to access SAML enabled app (G-Suite) and Okta Mobility Management. Could ZScaler Mobility manager integrate with Okta OMM so we can use ZScale app to protect our mobile devices?
The same way as ZScaler Mobility Manager integrates with AirWatch.

(David Creedy) #2


The Zscaler App can be integrated with most MDM vendors today, simply by pushing the application out to devices from the MDM solution.

For pre-configuration of the Zscaler App, if the MDM vendors supports provisioning custom profiles, this can also be provisioned with the application. This is outlined in this help desk article: https://help.zscaler.com/zia/zscaler-app-1.0.1-ios-release-notes



(Alex) #3

Hi David,
Looks like OMM can support key/value strings for app pre-configuration.
Do you know if ZScaler tested the deployment with Okta Mobility Manager and maybe have a white-paper?

(David Creedy) #5

Currently, deploying Z App with Pre-Configuration requires pushing an XML profile, we don’t use the managed app configuration key-value pairs today, though this is coming soon. I don’t believe Okta supports provisioning custom .mobileconfig files to iOS devices today.

Also the newer Zscaler App is not currently part of the OAN - Okta Application Network. I’ve submitted a request for this to be added so that you can deploy this with their MDM solution.