Zscaler network

If we are using zapp, how the traffic is flowing. And if some urls are added in exception (to go thru firewall), how zapp is applying rule for users outside corporate network? Is the request coming to organisations firewall to pass it DIRECt

Hi @Hemant_Nebhani! Welcome to the Zscaler Community.

When the user with Z App is outside the corporate network, the Z App routes the user’s traffic through the nearest Zscaler data center (based on GeoIP and Latitude & Longitude), where the Zscaler Enforcement Nodes (ZENs) apply the company firewall policy as defined in the Zscaler portal by that company. Traffic is not redirected back to the company’s firewall. The ZENs recognise the user as belonging to a particular company and can apply that company policy anywhere the user goes on the planet.