Zscaler NSS - Azure ARM Template Update - v1.0.0 (July, 22 2022)

The Azure ARM Template hosted in the Zscaler GitHub Repository has been updated to follow the recommendations provided in the NSS Help Guide
:tada::azure: Zscaler NSS - Azure ARM Template Update - v1.0.0 (July, 22 2022) :tada:

#PR1 - Migrated NSS from dual disk v4.0.0 to v5.0.0 with single disk.
#PR1 - Updated README page with new Azure ARM Deploy logo button
#PR1 - Added GitHub Actions for IaC scanning via Zscaler Posture Control (ZPC)
#PR1 - Added Semantic-Release) for versioning control
#PR2 - Release v1.0.0

Note: :warning: The template takes about 20-30 minutes to deploy, mostly because the new image is around 600GB+, so be patient and don’t cancel the deployment once it is running.

I am working on lots of other improvements on the existing template to make it more modular, as well as an Azure Bicep version for customers who have already moved to the new IaC language from Microsoft. So stay tuned.

If you face any problems deploying the template, feel free to reach out via a GitHub Issue or via Slack and I’ll be happy to assist.

References: Tokens for NSS on Azure VHD

Topic closed - please use the Github Issues for any issues deploying the Template.