Zscaler pre login supported on Azure Vm

Hi Folks,
Can someone inform if zscaler pre login will work on azure VM platform. We tried to deploy it on azure but it’s not working and after authentication we are seeing machine tunnel.status a connection error.

We clicked on retry but it stays in connecting state.

Hi. I don’t work for Zscaler, but I can confirm we have the pre-logon working on our Azure virtual desktops

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Pre-Login does work with Azure VMs — however once a user logs over the top of the VM with their ID – the Machine tunnel ends and user tunnel begins –

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Thanks for confirming

Thanks for your reply.
We were testing it on one of our azure VM but, it was getting stuck on Machine tunnel stage and it never turns on So, I am thinking could it be an issue with our windows 10 image or Zscaler setup Privilege in windows image file.