Zscaler predefined URL Categories and Cloud Apps

Hello all,

I was just wondering what exactly is behind Zscalers URL categories in various places. To be honest I find it a little bit disappointing Zscaler makes such hide&seek game about the contents of the predefined categories and URL of Cloud Apps. I understand this could be because of intellectual property protection, but it makes things a little bit cumbersome to maintain.

Example 1, SSL Interception:

What exactly is in the URL category “Recommended SSL Exemption”? And which URLs are in “Office 365” and “Zscaler Recommended Exemptions Office 365”? These categories are not listed anywhere and content cannot be viewed by us.

Example 2, Cert Pinning:
Why there is a help file containing 9 pages of URLs/hints for various products but nearly no predefined Cloud Apps for these? Would it not be easy to maintain the Cloud Apps and automatically update the help file or vice versa?

Example 3, Microsoft Intune:
There IS a Cloud App ready for use (thanks for that), but we are not able to double check if all URLs listed here are configured for this Cloud App.

I am quite sure we have a whole bunch of duplicates in various categories configured.

Maybe you could provide some search function which just shows where and in which category AND/OR Cloud App a specific URL is configured. Some kind of “extended” SiteReview (https://sitereview.zscaler.com/). The latter only shows public categorization like this Microsoft intune URL:

Every little bit more information would have positive impact on maintenance and general administration of ZIA.

Thanks and BR