Zscaler Preventing Image Upload and Download on iPhone

Hi Guys,

Please i need your help with this.

We recently deployed Zscaler to our work iPhones, and we want to allow access to WhatsApp for some users, while this has gone on successfully, the issue however is that even the users allowed to use WhatsApp in their iPhones are not able to upload and download images, the only messages going through are text messages. I have on my own done some research and based on information found on the Zscaler community, I added the following URLs to the URL category created and used to create a policy that allow WhatsApp but this does not seem to solve the problem. I will need help to get around this please.



Hey Samuel,

Have you had a chance to review this post? It’s got a bit granular in it’s walkthrough. Possibly looking to create a Custom URL Category for each type of media, might give you better controls per group.

Hi Ben,

Yes I have. In fact, it was from there I got the urls you see in my post. After receiving your message, I went to look at it when further and added more urls but the result is still the same

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So I managed to get this to work.

The solution that made this possible is as follows:

I created a URL category with the following URLs in the custom URLs




I then created SSL inspection rule for the category, to bypass SSL inspection for iOS device groups.

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