zScaler Private Access Disconnecting After Charger Unplugged

Hi all,

For the last few months, I have been battling zScaler issues.
As long as my laptop is plugged into power, I am okay. It behaves as expected.
The issue comes after I disconnect my laptop from my charger. (I am on WiFi at all times.)
I cannot go for more than 2-5 minutes without getting disconnected from zScaler.
If I am on a Teams call, it does not disconnect me, however, as soon as I drop (no matter what I’m doing) it disconnects.
2 Laptop replacements later, numerous group policy updates, disabling of IP6, and troubleshooting attempts have proven to not help.

Help please!

It is Zscaler disconnecting and not the wifi disconnecting?

It’s zScaler. My WiFi is fine.

Are you using ZPA or other VPN as well ?