Zscaler Private Access in Russia


(Lisa Lorenzin) #1

For those interested in Zscaler Private Access service in Russia…

ZPA is available in Russia; customers are welcome to deploy connectors in datacenters, and run the Zscaler App on user endpoints. Zscaler does not currently provide ZPA Zscaler Enforcement Nodes (ZENs) in Russia, so all traffic to private applications will take the best available path through a ZEN in one of our existing locations (see https://trust.private.zscaler.com/ for a list of locations).

We currently have no plans to expand ZPA ZENs into Russia. This is in line with other major cloud providers; even the largest cloud players like AWS and Azure do not operate services in Russia today.

If you are considering deploying ZPA for applications and/or users in Russia today, please reach out to your local Zscaler team to discuss performance and traffic routing options.