Zscaler Private Service Edge AWS Terraform Module - Now Available

We are happy to announce that a new Terraform Module for Zscaler Private Service Edge for AWS deployment is now available. If you familiar with the previous modules we have released in the past few months such as for ZPA and Cloud Connector, this Terraform module works in the same fashion, and also provides an easy to deploy shell script to abstract direct Terraform interaction.

The module utilizes the Zscaler Private Access (ZPA) Terraform Provider in order to perform a fully automated onboard. The module also allows for scalability so, you can customize the tfvars variables to indicate which existing Service Edge Groups or provisioning keys you’d like to utilize.Resources:

If you have any questions or feedback please let us know.

Hi @wguilherme, thank you for sharing Terraform for Building PSE in AWS. I have also built something similar.

I have a question regarding PSE I am not sure if this is right place to ask. But after building PSE we have provide the publishedIP or PublishedDomain in individual PSE’s after they are registered in ZPA Console. When I provide the Elastic IP from AWS to the PSE everything works fine. But When I try to use Route53 Latency Based record as PublishedIP, only the resources served by that PSE has to be in same region as PSE.
Meaning a PSE hosted in US-EAST-1 and connectors/application hosted in US-EAST-1 and US-WEST-2, PSE will serve only US-EAST-1 and US-WEST-2 resource will be served by Zscaler Cloud for a user located in US-EAST-1 region.

So my question is are you aware if Zscaler does support Route53 Latency Based A record or not?

Also, I was trying to use NLB backed by PSE (with NLB I will be able use Autoscaling). But I am not sure if NLB architecture is also supported or not.