Zscaler Proxy IPs

Does anyone know which ZScaler nodes the “List of IP address ranges to reach Cloud Enforcement Nodes across all DC’s and all clouds” consists of? and if it could be modified to include ZScaler Gov nodes only?

Hi Alex,

This list includes the URLs: "<node>.sme.<cloudname>.net "

If you want to create a custom category for Zscaler Gov, the list of current nodes are:


(Source: Config | Zscaler)

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Adrian Larsen

@Adrian_Larsen Thanks Adrian. Is there an official article from ZScaler? We need to response to auditors. Thanks,

Your welcome!
The information is here: About URL Categories | Zscaler
Go to: Business Use → Super Category: Internet Communication →

Zscaler Proxy IPs : This category includes IP addresses owned by Zscaler’s data centers and services such as IP addresses of the Public Service Edge on a cloud and global VIP service.

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Adrian Larsen

On zscalergov.net, Does it include the list of Government nodes only, or Gov + commercial nodes?