ZScaler sandbox via API

(Alex) #1

Can we submit files into ZScaler sandbox via API?

(Thomas Quinlan) #2

Hi Alex,

You can upload multiple files to the Sandbox via filecheck.zscaler.com, coming from a location or via Z App. I’ll leave it to @Jozef_Krakora to expand on plans for the API.

(Alex) #3

We need an API for the integration with Demisto.

(Jozef Krakora) #4

Hi Alex,
Thanks for reaching out. @lpergament manages API Product Roadmap with myself. We would like to understand a bit more on your use case. Would you be open for a phone call to discuss a bit more? You can reach me at jkrakora (at) zscaler.com).


(Alex) #5

Hi Joe,
Let me know when you have availability for the call.
I’m available tomorrow at time between 9:00 AM and 5:00pm EDT. Thanks,