Zscaler Security Platform and Architecture


(Mike Richard) #1

Management of stacks of appliances has been the standard for securing the enterprise for well over a decade. We add a new appliance, interface, and policy for each new threat that the enterprise faces.

Going cloud first with our applications means a we also need to think cloud first with our networks and security stacks. The legacy inbound and outbound gateways that have defined network architectures for years will need to evolve to take advantage of public cloud, private cloud, and SaaS applications.

When you move to securing your mobile enterprise and providing direct-to-cloud access for your branches, security needs to be consistent and portable. With Zscaler you define a single policy that is enforced and logged consistently no matter where your users are. We simply the overhead of updates and patches seamlessly to allow you to focus on business outcomes instead of patching tools.

In this intro video I’ll discuss how Zscaler simplifies policy software configuration, logging, and identity to provide a consistent security posture.