Zscaler Security Stack as a Service: Threat Prevention


(Chris Louie) #1

Traditional security stacks, while complex and involving many, many hops was good at protecting data leaving the enterprise when we all worked at the office. Most of our data was headed to HQ and our corporate data center, with some data heading to the internet.

Mobility and cloud have flipped that ratio as most of our data is now leaving the enterprise. SSL / TLS is also continuing to rise, making up as much as 80% of traffic and growing. More often these stacks of appliances aren’t able to keep up with the demands of Internet bound traffic and our increasing mobile, distributed users.

Zscaler has taken a completely different approach, by placing that security in the cloud and inspecting all of your traffic. Sitting in the cloud users leverage the closes security node near them. Zscaler also takes a multi-scan approach, and not relying simply on the URL. We’re looking through the traffic to provide firewall, sandboxing, DLP, bonnet detection, and more.

In this video I’ll explain the components of the Zscaler Internet Access cloud, and how they work together to provide robust security in the cloud.