ZScaler Support

(Alex) #1

Is ZScaler running a smaller support crew today 8/31/2018? I’ve placed 4 calls today and all 4 went to VM.

(Damandeep Singh) #2

Hi Alex,
Thank you for reaching out and voicing the issue you faced. We are sufficiently staffed at all times to cater to our customers. However, 4 calls going to the VM is certainly an issue that needs investigation and I will personally have this investigated.

Before I do that, I want to know if you were able to reach our Technical Support Team and get your queries answered or the issue addressed?
If not, please share your contact information along with a good time to reach you and I’ll have an engineer reach out to you.

We keep Customer Experience at the heart of everything we do and I do apologize for the poor experience you had with the phone support this time around. Once we resolve the issue and hand, I would like to capture more details around the VM issue you reported.