Zscaler Taking Hybrid Azure AD credentials instead of Client Credentials

The Zscaler Application is taking Company Hybrid Ad Credentials and shows a error. “User is not assigned to access this application”. Where user is not able to enter the Client Credentials. I suspected it’s taking the machine SSO credentials so removed the machine from Hybrid AD and then checked Zscaler is Prompting the O365 Login Page and the user is able to enter the Client Credentials. If we join the machine again to Hybrid AD then same problem.

What can be the solution. How to restrict the Zscaler taking the SSO credentials of Machine

Hi Mukesh, please try installing he client connector without the parameters like cloud name and domain, that would avoid the SSO.


Hi Rajesh,

Thanks for the reply,

Tried installing with and without Cloud Name and Domain facing the same issue.

Problem is Zscaler is taking Machine Azure hybrid ad credentials instead of showing the office login page.

for this solution, you have to add your Client email account under “email & app accounts” which will resolve the issue. Once you add client account there, it will start prompting to select which account to use everywhere where ever Azure authentication is present.

Note: This option to add client email account is only available from OS Build version 1809 & 1909 versions.