ZScaler Testing: No Internet Access Still

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Need your Help:

One of our products are having issues to Login to some Application services and from testing we see it is ZScaler causing some issues:

That said:

We were given approval to disabled ZScaler (UAT Test) on a user level and tested logging in from user’s home internet, however, when ZScaler is disabled, it doesn’t allow the machine to connect to the Internet thus, we are unable to login to Application X. They do have a Guest WiFi network at the office, and tried to login from there, however, we are still getting the 404 Application Error as it looks like the Firewall settings is also applied on the network.

So My Question is - If Zscaler is disabled (UAT testing) - Does it really stay disabled or is there still some level of security it applies to WAN / Internet / LAN on Local OS.


Hi Eugene,
To answer you last question: Zscaler will kept idle if you disable it. You better check the app profile , forwarding profile and the packaging that you did.

In order to fix the issues you are encountering during UAT, you should a solid team to test the applications within your corporate / accessing from outside. Some of them may doesn’t like to Zscaler IP ranges, some of may look for your corporate specific IPs , SSL inspection may cause the issue or Authentication.

We should keep a tracker and keep investigate with the help of logs and behavior.

Ramesh M

Afternoon Ramesh,

Tank you for the info customer is in EMEA now so Out Of Office, thanks for the info I will provide feedback on this Article once they reply on 1 request I sent today.