Zscaler ZCC with Citrix DaaS


Is Citrix DaaS supported with ZCC/ZDX?


Hi there,

Thanks for your question. This topic is often a challenging one to answer due to the vast array of configurations in the VDI space. For Citrix DaaS, the short answer is, it depends :slight_smile:

If the VM delivering your Virtual Desktops is running a Single Session Win 10 or 11 OS, ZCC is supported for persistent and non persistent desktops. However, if the VM delivering your Virtual Desktops is running a multi-session OS, then ZCC is not currently supported.

We would advise to use the latest Generally Available ZCC version for Windows (v4.0) as there have been some recent changes improving the support for non-persistent VDI.

Any supported Windows deployment of ZCC will also be able to use ZDX.

I hope this helps. Let us know if you have any follow up questions.

Best regards, Marc

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@MarcDavis Thank you for your response. Is there an existing feature request to support Virtual Desktops running a multi-session OS linke Windows Server with non-persistent VDI? Thanks,

Hi Alex, I understand there are plans to deliver some kind of solution to support multi-session VDI. I don’t have any details right now, but watch this space and we’ll provide further info as it becomes available.

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