ZT2 protocol settings override

Does anyone know what the feature ‘Allow end-users to override Z-Tunnel 2.0 protocol settings’ (coming with ZS Client Connector Portal v3.20 and depending on ZCC v3.8.0+) does or should do exactly?
I can’t notice any visible difference anywhere in between having this active or not - currently testing with ZCC

It’s not directly available in the ZCC GUI but there is a way from the end user device to change the ZT2.0 parameters (MTU/Protocol) when this knob is activated. This is more for troubleshooting with Zscaler support than something your end users would like to change.

I see, thanks.
So instead of me assigning the user to a different app/fwd-profile, with this i could tell the user ‘please execute this command’, right?
Will the needed commands be documented somewhere?