ZTCA Community Round 2 Promotion

Did you miss the first promotional 50% discount to take the ZTCA? Well, good news, we have another round just for you!

We are happy to announce that we are launching another round of our community promotion of the Zero Trust Certified Architect course. This course was inspired and designed by the book The Seven Elements of Highly Successful Zero Trust Architecture.

What is ZTCA

ZTCA is a Zscaler’s Zero Trust Architect Certification that is designed to help network and security professionals like you establish a holistic, layered security approach based on Zero Trust principles. ZTCA provides practical guidance on how to deliver effective control and visibility across zero trust initiatives, as well as contrasting zero trust approaches with legacy architectures.

What will I learn?

Through a self-paced e-learning module, the ZTCA course will teach you the foundational tenets of zero-trust architecture and how to apply strategic networking and security concepts to implement adaptive trust, reduce the attack surface, and mitigate overall cyber risk.

The course covers how to implement the seven elements of a highly successful zero-trust architecture broken down into 3 main sections:

  • Verify
    • Who’s connecting?
    • What is the access context?
    • Where is the connection going?
  • Control
    • Assess risk (adaptive control)
    • Prevent compromise
    • Prevent data loss
  • Enforce
    • Enforce policy

Why should I take the ZTCA?

Beyond becoming a zero trust expert and growing your career opportunities, being a Zscaler Zero Trust Certified Architect highlights your qualifications to lead the next generation of IT and security teams helping organizations transition to a zero trust architecture.

In addition, the first 1,000 candidates to pass the exam will receive a Zero Trust t-shirt from Zscaler and a printed copy of the Seven Elements of a Highly Successful Zero Trust Architecture book.

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How do I get certified?

  • Step 0: Are you a member of our Community? Sign up now to be able to redeem your special Community Discount code!
  • Step 1 (optional): Take the practice test If you pass with over 80%, you go to Step 3 directly!)
  • Step 2: Take the self-paced course on the ZTCA website - 5-6 hours
  • Step 3: Take the 75-question certification exam (Yes, you get 50% off the price of the exam as a Community member!)
  • Step 4: Celebrate! Get your e-Certificate (Valid for 3 years!) and post to your LinkedIn profile

How can I redeem my discount?

  • First register on the Zenith community if you are not already registered.
  • Reply to this thread that you would like to take the ZTCA certification course.
  • Your code will be messaged to you on the community within 2 business days
  • Visit the ZTCA website and register for the course/exam using the discount code BEFORE March 31st, 2023. Note: The code is not valid after this date.

Ready to get certified? Visit the ZTCA website for more information including links to register for the course and exam, and additional resources.

Get your Zscaler Zero Trust Architect certification today!


How do I access the ZTCA self paced course you are talking about in step 2? I can’t seem to get to it.

There is a link to the ZTCA Website in Step 2. That has all the information to get started. If you still need help let @Brittney_Frenette know and she can assist further

Thanks I have looked on the site but can’t find the online course. Only the ebook is available. I will reach out to @Brittney_Frenette.

i thought suppose to get Zscaler swag after clearing ZTCA, i’m among first 1k but no body contacted me anything about the swag.

Hi Sangeet, please find the course here: Zero Trust Certified Architect (ZTCA)


The form to fill out for the swag was in your certification email. Please reference that email.

I see a lot of people taking the practice quiz… Which is AWESOME!

In order to receive the 50% discount code on the course all you need to do is reply to this thread. You do not need to take the practice quiz to get the code, simply reply here that you would like the code and I will send you the code in a DM :slight_smile:

Reply to receive the code!!!

Reply :wink:

(I did pass the practice test)

Hey experts,
Want to enroll for ZIA training and certification is there any method i can apply for the same.

Please find the link to register Zero Trust Certified Architect (ZTCA)

I’d like to take the ZTCA exam

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Can yo DM me the code please?

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Hello Ben,

I am interested in taking the exam (already took the course).



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