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Welcome to the Zscaler Community!

Welcome to the Zscaler community.

The Cloud-First Architect

As applications move to the cloud and users become increasingly mobile, the old ways of operating networks and security appliances is less and less effective. You must take a new approach to architecture, policy, and design.


Authentication covers discussions on the Zscaler platform around various modes of authentication.

Cloud Connector

Enabled by the Zero Trust Exchange, Workload Communications is deployed as Cloud Connector virtual machines and extends the capabilities of Zscaler Internet Access (ZIA) and Zscaler Private Access (ZPA) to cloud-native workloads. This allows enterprises to secure cloud workload communications over any network. The Zscaler Zero Trust exchange will enable workloads to communicate with each other and have a granular security policy applied. The communication may be from private workloads (IaaS/Physical DC) to public workloads (SaaS/Internet), or between private workloads (IaaS to IaaS, or Physical DC to IaaS). Generally, where a private workload is communicating to a public workload through the ZTE, this will use the Zscaler Internet Access platform. Where a private workload is communicating with another private workload through the ZTE, this will use the Zscaler Private Access platform.

Client Connector

Zscaler Client Connector, formerly Zscaler App, simplifies the enforcement of security and policy control from the Zscaler Cloud for both Zscaler Internet Access (ZIA) and Zscaler Private Access (ZPA). Client Connector is available for desktop and mobile devices.

Cloud Firewall

What is Cloud Firewall?

Cloud Protection

Zscaler Cloud Protection delivers a new approach that takes the operational complexity and headaches out of cloud workload security. Our innovative zero trust architecture reduces business risk by automatically remediating security gaps, minimizing the attack surface, and eliminating lateral threat movement.

Cloud Sandbox

The Cloud Sandbox category covers advanced threat protection, Cloud Sandboxing, IPS, & AV on the Zscaler Cloud.

Data Protection

The Data Protection category covers the Zscaler Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions & CASB Integration topics.


Deception is a proactive defense approach that detects active threats by injecting decoys (servers, apps, endpoints, fake files, fake users etc) that mimic production assets for the sole purpose of alerting you to adversary presence.

Digital Experience

ZDX provides visibility across the complete user-to-cloud app experience and quickly isolates issues. By combining the Zscaler Client Connector endpoint agent with Zscaler’s global cloud footprint, ZDX provides you with innovative and unprecedented end-to-end visibility, regardless of network or location.


The Platform category covers topics related to Private Service Edge, analytics, the product UIs, API access, logging, and the Zscaler NSS solution. This category was combined from previous categories - DNS, Cloud Reporting and Management, customer info and compliance

Private Access

The Zscaler Private Access (ZPA) service provides the basis for Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA). ZPA provides seamless and secure remote access to internal applications, regardless of where they exist, and without placing users on the corporate network.

Zenith Live & Events

Zenith Live, Regional User Groups & Events - Zenith Live is our yearly user conference, held in the US and EMEA. We host additional events such as Zscaler Academy and various user groups on a regular basis. Regional user groups and events occur regularly, check back for events happening in your area.

Training and Certification

Find out about Zscaler training and certification offerings


Zscaler ThreatLabz is a global threat research team with a mission to protect customers from advanced cyberthreats. Made up of more than 100 security experts with decades of experience in tracking threat actors, malware reverse engineering, behavior analytics, and data science, the team operates 24/7 to identify and prevent emerging threats using insights from 300 trillion daily signals from the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange.
Since its inception, ThreatLabz has been tracking the evolution of emerging threat vectors, campaigns, and groups, contributing critical findings and insights on zero-day vulnerabilities, —including active IOCs and TTPs for threat actors, malware, and ransomware families, phishing campaigns, and more.
ThreatLabz supports industry information sharing and plays an integral role in the development of world-class security solutions at Zscaler. See the latest ThreatLabz threat research on the Zscaler blog.