About the need of Client Connector

Hello ,
Sorry :smile: We are beginners and have a question about the Zscaler solution.
We want to test in ZIA the SWG and the DLP.
at this point do we need to deploy the Client Connector on users device?
Witch component or feature of ZIA need this Client Connector as preriquisite to work ?

Single Zscaler client connector agent can use for ZIA, ZPA and ZDX products.
The client connector needs to deploy in all users machines using SCCM kind of tools, we have certain switches to handle you initial traffic flow, refer here, Customizing Zscaler Client Connector with Install Options for MSI | Zscaler

As prerequisites you need to ensure , process whitelist and provide access to Zscaler cloud.


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Hello Bolingo. Authentication of users and installation of our intermediate certificate is the most important part of using our ZIA platform. Via user authentication is how we attach to Policies, especially for DLP processing.
Our recommended method of authentication is SAML 2.0 IDP like (Azure AD, Okta, ADFS) etc… we can use Active Directory on Premises but we prefer a federated solution like the above to authenticate users into the ZIA platform.
Also the installation of our SSL certificate is another requirement as that is what allows ZIA to fully inspect the encrypted traffic for DLP violations.

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Thanks [Luis_Rico_Jr] It is clear for me now!