Accessing Internet services via global zen node using powershell or cli

As we know,we can use global zen node in internet browser then authenticate then we access the internet.
But if the user machine uses global zen node “without zapp or GRE/IPSEC Tunnel” and the user wants to join MIcrosoft Azure AD"for example" via powershell ,the zen node blocks this traffic,so how to solve this issue and allow user access internet services behind global zen node via powershell “for example”.

Hi Mina, The Global Zen Node IPs are only routable via ZApp and GRE/IPSEC, These are not routed on the internet, therefore an idea is to use the global ZEN IP’s on premise where you can steer the traffic at your egress internet edge to the best performing ZEN, and when off premise use ZApp to forward to the closest ZEN. I hope I have understood your question here and this helps somehow?